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EI-V9S Stationary vehicle inspection system

Product Features

 High image resolution and sharpness with digital line scan camera
 Underbody complete imaging, without any omission, and the image is clear, complete, no distortion.Object less than 2mm diameter can be clearly observed.
 IP68 protection class, anti-pressure shock, adapt to any climate environment.
 Inspection process can be programmed to meet a variety of on-site needs.
 Multiple scene image monitoring, recording function.
 Multi-language user interface design.
 Support image recognition or RFID technology for vehicle identification.
 Have License Plate Recognition System


Description Produit


Image Vertical Resolution: 2048 Pixels;
Perspective Width: more than 4.0m
Size: 1200mm×350mm×210mm
Effective Perspective: larger than 170°;
Auxiliary lighting: 100W
Speed: 1~65km/h;
Carry Weight: >30T;
Waterpro of Level: work around the clock to meet IP68
Communication Interface: RS232/RS422
Storage Temperature: -40°~+75°
Operating Temperature: -10°~+60°
Operating Voltage: 110-240V AC,50-60HZ