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HI-SCAN 5030si


The HI-SCAN 5030si X-ray inspection system has been installed in over 3,000 locations around the world. This design is a modular, tabletop system thatprovidessignificantflexibility and isideal for many applications. It has a smallfootprint and itscastersfacilitatemovementthroughnarrowspaces and over rough terrain anywherethatsecurity screening isrequired. This model isperfect for use in mailrooms, correctional and governmentfacilities, entryways, schools, and other sensitive areas where contact-free screening of small items such as bags, parcels, mail, purses, backpacks, etc. isneeded. This model alsoiscompliantwith applicable laws and regulations for X-ray emittingdeviceswith regard to X-ray leakage.

Additional options for this system include HI-TIP (Threat Image Projection) and the Xtrain training system for operatorsisavailable. Alsoavailable as an option is IMS (ion mobilityspectrometry) for image storage and archiving, whichincludes a copy function in both TIF and JPG format to a USB storagefacility.

Description Produit

Feature highlights include:

  • Easy use, portable system
  • Suitable for bothstationary and mobile checkpoint design
  • Includes HI-MAT Plus technology for advancedmaterial classification
  • High performance capabilitywith new X-ray generator and new sensortechnology
  • Optimal tunnel size at 21 incheswide by 13 inches high (532 mm by 330 mm)
  • Steelpenetration: 14 mm of steel (standard), 16 mm of steel (typical)
  • Wiredetectability 38 AWG (standard) to 39 AWG (typical)
  • Flat panel LCD monitor with black and white, color
  • Film safetyguaranteed up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)
  • L shaped detector line, high resolution
  • Diagonal beam direction
  • Steel construction withaluminum panels, and mounted on roller casters

Other dimensions of the system and generalspecificationsinclude the following:

  • Overall size of the unit is 47.3 inches (1200 mm) long by 27.7 inches (705 mm) wide by 28.6 inches (726 mm) high.
  • Maximum object size is 20.9 inches (530 mm) wide by 12.6 inches (320 mm) high.
  • The standard conveyor has a height of approximately 7.4 inches (190 mm) and standard speed of 0.18 / 0.22 [m/s] with 50 Hz/ 60 Hz mains frequency.
  • Maximum conveyorloadwitheven distribution is 132 pounds (60 kg).
  • The weight of the unit (excluding control desk, keyboard, and monitor) isapproximately 352 pounds (160 kg).