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Mega Scan


  1. Description of System

1.1    Model Name:

Mega Scan Liquid Explosive and Metal Detector

1.2 Characteristics

Mega Scan is a cordless, hand-held, dual-function Liquid

Explosive detector with metal detector function.

It can be used with a few minutes of training and provides

fast and accurate detection for metals and dangerous liquids.


Major characteristics

  • First in the world to have inflammable liquid detection and metal detecting function in single device


  • Fast, accurate, easy

(only 2 seconds for liquid // real-time for metal)


Description Produit

Major characteristics


• Less than half weight and more competitive price than other liquid explosive detectors


555 gram

• Cordless(rechargeable battery)



Conceptual Diagram


1.4 Detection

Liquid Detection


Metal Detection


2. Application

megascan9 megascan10


Dimensions453 x 70 x 55 (mm)
Battery LifeAbout 12 Hours(continuous)
BatteryDC 7.2V (Rechargeable)
Initializing TimeAbout 10 seconds
Detection TimeAbout 2 seconds(real time for metal)
Detectable BottleGlass, PET (Clear, Opaque)
Detectable MaterialsNitro Glycerin, Paint Thinner, Gasoline,
Diesel, Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid,
Methyl alcohol, Toluene, Metal, Benzene,
Nonferrous Metals, Etc



  1. Certification

3.1    ISO Certifications:

ISO 9001:2008 ,ISO 14001:2004

3.2 CE Certifications:

EC Declaration of Conformity EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC



3.3    Declaration of Conformity to FCC Rules and Regulations: Part 18 307(C) Conducted Emission

Part 18 305(C) Radiated Emission

3.4   Technical Patent

PCT International Patent(# PCT/KR2010/004047 )


5. Sales Record

5.1    Local Market:

Korean Armed Forces Intelligence Unit Korean Air Force Special Forces Unit Korean Government Complex

5.2    Export Market

U.S. Navy

Chinese Security Company(Beijing Olympics) Russian Security Company

Indonesian Security Company