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Portal Radiation Monitor

Product Introduction

Portal Radiation Monitor is a portal radiation monitor used for detection of luggages and pedestrians. It is equipped with two plastic scintillators which greatly improve the sensitivity. All of the advantages such as fast response, user-friendly software and automatic data saving allow the G3930 to be one of the most convenient portal radiation monitors for luggages and pedestrians at borders, customs, airports, nuclear plants, etc.


 Large area plastic scintillator gamma detector, 15 liter×2
 Optional high performance 6LiI(Eu) scintillator neutron detector
 Efficiency raised by 30% with dual PMT design
 Distinguish special nuclear materials from natural occurring radiative materials
 Audible & visible alarm indication with adjustable alarm levels
 Fully compliant with IAEA, GB/T 24246-2009 standard


Customs; Subway; Nuclear powers; High-speed railways; Borders; Hospitals; Airports; Large-scale activities


Description Produit


 Gamma Neutron (optional)
Detector15 liter plastic scintillator6LiI(Eu) scintillator orHelium-3 Neutron Proportional Counters
Energy range20 KeV ~ 3000KeVThermal neutron to 14MeV
SensitivityAn increase in 0.04μSv/h against the background level of 0.2μSv/h, alarm in less than 1 second. detection probability: 99.9%
Monitoring region0.1- 2 meters height & 1.5 meters width with bilateral detectors
False alarm rate≤ 0.1%
Communication interfacewire RJ45
Operation temperature-20 ºC to 50 ºC
Power supply110/220 V AC